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Ever wondered why a Geordie boy like Bryan Robson still lives in Manchester after hanging up his boots?

Why does the much travelled Mark Hughes still choose to base his family home here?

Why does Eric Cantona talk of returning to the city he loves?

The list of football heroes who come to Manchester to ply their trade - and then choose to remain living in the area once their careers have finished - is virtually endless.

They choose to live here because Manchester is the most vibrant city in the UK. It's people are the friendliest and best-humoured in the land, the pubs, clubs and bars set the standards that the rest of the country tries vainly to follow.

Our weather is truly temperate; not for us the dull summers and flooded autumns and winters now so prevelant in the South of the country.

We don't have a dirty smelly underground system, but rather a clean, efficient above-ground tram system. We don't have a mass exodus every Friday as anyone who can afford to escapes the city to get their lives back...Mancunians live life to the full compared to the half-life that the average Londoner is forced to endure.

These pages have been designed to help you live your life to the very max in Manchester. Whether you want breakfast delivering in bed or you just need a video delivered to your door, it's all here for you now in the Survivor's Guide to City Living in Manchester.