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How to Sell A House

What to do to ensure that someone buys your property

[photo: Manchester residential property]

In the current market, it's more important than ever to make all the right moves when putting your home up for sale. Leaving it to an estate agent alone, no matter how competent they may be, is not enough to guarantee success. So what steps should you take to swing the odds in your favour?

Consider whether fence panels need nailing back into place, the lawn needs mowing or peeling exterior paint needs a touch-up. The outside of a home is the first thing a visitor sees.

[photo: Manchester residential property]

Give your place a spring clean, regardless of the season. It may well be that the surface dust and light bath grime is barely noticeable to you but a procession of strangers are going to be inspecting an environment that you take for granted on a daily basis with a view to buying. Keep on top of general cleaning and tidying so that when a viewing is imminent, only a quick tidy-up is needed. Try to achieve this by remaining clutter-free. The classics such as flowers, candles or aromas such as vanilla, fresh coffee or cinnamon should also be appealing. Fix any minor flaws, from a dripping tap to a dead light bulb. Aim to impress.

Invite three or more estate agents to value your home and pitch to sell it for you. The difference in values can be remarkable. Which agent has the most experience of selling properties like yours, and how did they perform?

[photo: Manchester residential property]

When viewers arrive, keep pets under control (if not completely confined), be ready for any questions (how much are the council tax or water rates?), and allow the viewer time and space to browse around. A house purchase is a major transaction that can't be rushed. Be prepared to name what is included with the house, or even have an inventory to hand.

If your house fails to sell within your own set timeframe, or a clearly lengthy period such as 3-6 months, consider any major repairs that are needed, particularly if they were outlined in the surveyor's report, be ready to reduce the asking price or even take it off the market until market conditions change.