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Whalley Range

When Manchester first started experiencing wealth in the Industrial Revolution, the rich people made their homes in Whalley Range. As the city developed, the rich moved further and further south (Altrincham, anyone?) and Whalley Range fell into disrepair - crime and prostitution were both rife in the area up until fairly recently. However, over the last ten years or so, big changes have taken place in the area.

If you take away the unfortunate reputation of Whalley Range, you are left with an area teeming with character and quality. There are some beautiful properties, especially around the College Road area, and every street appears to be studded with mature, leafy trees. There isn't much in the way of local amenities, but the area's close proximity to Chorlton and easy access into town stops this from being much of a problem.

The area has a lively, multicultural mix which is a refreshing change from the overwhelmingly white and middle class neighbouring areas of Chorlton and Didsbury. It is also increasingly attracting a strong creative community who want to make the most of the cheaper property and rental prices. There are two exceptional schools in the area - Whalley Range Grammar School and St Bedes - both of which have been near the top of the league tables for many years. A one-bed flat will set you back around £108,000 and a four-bedroom house comes to around £290,000.