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Salford is not an area of Manchester, but rather a separate city with its own city council. However, because of its close proximity to Manchester city centre (less than ten minutes from Deansgate) and low prices many people choose to buy in Salford rather than Manchester.

Salford used to have high levels of poverty and deprivation. The city was founded around the time of the industrial revolution, meaning that the majority of its property market consisted of back-to-back terraced housing. When the factories and mills began to close Salford fell into a decline and it has only started to recover properly in the last decade or so. Much of the terraced housing has now been demolished to make way for new developments fronted by wide grass verges and gardens.

Salford Quays was the first - and most successful - of the regeneration projects in Salford. In the last ten years, the area has transformed from an industrial wasteland to the most aspirational address in Salford. It now houses The Lowry Centre, a multi-million pound arts complex with art galleries and theatres that showcase some of the best touring shows in the UK; regional radio stations use Salford Quays as their base; the BBC plan to move five major departments to the area. Residential high-rise developments line the waterways and the influx of 15,500 people when the BBC's Mediacity:UK opens means that property in the area should experience a huge rise in value.

But Salford Quays isn't the only area of Salford to attract developers. Urban Splash and their creatively designed Chimney Pot Park development in Langworthy attracted media attention when buyers queued up overnight to increase their chances of buying one of the affordably priced properties. Developers working in areas such as Ordsall and New Broughton have also committed to building homes priced within the grasp of first time buyers.

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