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Bordering Chorlton on the northern side and Brooklands to the south, Sale is an affluent and leafy town on the outskirts of Manchester. It boasts a strong community feel, attractive architecture and well-tended waterways along the Bridgewater Canal and River Mersey.

The abundance of green space, growing café culture and well-performing schools in the area make it a popular choice with established professionals and families. Good transport links into Manchester mean that it is a popular option for people who want the conveniences of the city without sacrificing the peace and sense of community they might find in a small town.

The Waterside Arts Centre, which houses the Robert Bolt Theatre, the Lauriston Gallery and the Corridor Gallery, is one of the greatest attractions of the area. Sat on the bank of the Bridgewater Canal, the centre has hosted some popular touring acts and is the home of the Sale Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Another great attraction is Sale Water Park, which was created to prevent flooding from the River Mersey and is now a beautiful lake with plenty of wildlife and good fishing opportunities.

Properties in this area are substantial. Though there have been a few new developments built in Sale in recent years, more than half of the homes in the town are very large Victorian semis or detached houses, though there are a healthy proportion of more affordable 1930's semis on offer too. A 1-bedroom flat in Sale can be expected to cost around £106,000 and a 4-bedroom house goes for £380,000 - but there is a noticeable variation between prices depending on area and the building itself.