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Rusholme is known as the 'Curry Mile' because of the astonishing number of curry houses stretched along the main road. The predominantly Asian area has one of the strongest identities in Manchester. As well as curry houses the main road hosts a wide range of Asian-speciality shops, selling everything from spices and vegetables to saris and bhangra CD's, as well as a number of fast food takeaways and cafés.

By night the gaudy neon lights of the restaurants draw people from all over Manchester to sample their wares. With so many to choose from, deciding on one restaurant can be daunting but Lal Quila, Shere Khan, Al-Bilal and Pink Garlic are always good choices. As there is a large Muslim community in Rusholme there are few pubs or bars, though Hardy's Well and The Bowling Green do well with the student trade.

Schools in Rusholme tend to do well in the league tables. The area is also well-served by not only a large number of GP practises but the Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI), St Mary's, Royal Eye and Dental Hospitals. It is, in fact, well equipped with every amenity you might need, and transport links into the city centre are excellent. With such a vibrant community and such good facilities, it is a surprise that property prices in Rusholme tend to stay just below average.

As well as Asian families and young professionals, Rusholme has a large student population. This is because rental rates in the area are low in comparison to those of Fallowfield, Withington and Didsbury and the universities are a brief ten-minute walk away. The majority of properties are terraced and yards feature more predominantly than gardens; however, Platt Fields and Whitworth Park top and tail the area. A one-bedroom flat costs around £95,000 and a four-bedroom house comes to around £175,000.