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Didsbury is easily one of the most sought-after places to live in Manchester. Wide, tree-lined streets and beautiful properties give the area a calm and tranquil look, while in the evening the many trendy bars and restaurants buzz with the conversation of 'beautiful people' unwinding.

When people refer to Didsbury, they could be talking about one of three areas, each with their own identity. East Didsbury is best known for its sedate, tree-lined streets and excellent schools. West Didsbury is fiercely independent, dominated by The Metropolitan pub and a plethora of small but credible restaurants. Didsbury Village is the most sought-after area of the three, with a busting village centre that boasts top-end chains like Café Rouge and Pitcher and Piano, boutique hotels, delis and a large M&S supermarket.

There is a large amount of lush green space connecting the three areas and it is usual to find substantial gardens attached to properties. Palatine Road, the main road that leads towards the city centre, is notable for the massive trees that line it.

However, what the three areas have in common is an affluent community. Didsbury is made for people with money, though it doesn't shout about it. The rental and property markets reflect this and prices are consistently higher than in the areas around. Properties range from stylish new-builds to sprawling Victorian houses, many of which are set in conservation areas. A one-bedroom flat costs around £140,000 with four-bedroom properties selling currently for a cool half a million pounds.