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Chorlton is the liberal heart of Manchester, awash with organic delis, recycling facilities and tiny, independent bars and restaurants. To one side of the area you find charity shops and supermarkets; on the other is Beech Road, often cited as "the trendiest road in Manchester" because of its abundance of boutiques and restaurants.

Much of the area is taken up by green space, with Chorlton Park leading over towards Didsbury, Longford Park heading towards Stretford and Chorlton Ees (encompassing waterways, a lake, lush meadows and a golf course) bordering Sale.

The area is predominantly white and middle class, especially in the picturesque Beech Road, High Lane and Chorltonville areas. The community tend to be fairly like-minded; for example, one newsagent in Chorlton has the honour of selling more copies of the Guardian than any other newsagent in England. It is well-loved by couples with young families - one of the most frequent sights of the area is a new father driving a pushchair - and the festival-going professional set. Chorlton also has the biggest gay community outside the Village. Perhaps because the residents tend to be so similar, there is a very strong community feel in Chorlton. This is never as obvious as during one of the small festivals that stud the annual calendar.

Property in Chorlton does not come cheaply, eclipsed only by Didsbury and areas on the city fringes. However, the houses are undeniably attractive, with many different styles and sizes on offer, often with a large garden attached. The larger houses have often been converted into apartments, which draws increasing numbers of investors into the area. A one-bedroom flat in Chorlton costs around £130,000 and a four-bedroom house can fall anywhere between £330,000 and over half a million for one of the graceful period properties around Edge Lane and Beech Road.