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Beloved of the Cheshire set who haven't quite made up their minds to leave Manchester altogether, Altrincham has a reputation as an upmarket suburb awash with beautiful people and cash.

However, Altrincham is not as exclusive as its PR would have you believe. There certainly is a very active social scene in the suburb and various footballers have made their homes in Altrincham or the surrounding areas – but they are massively outnumbered by families and other non-celebrity residents. The town centre shares its space between the bijoux little cafes and bars you might expect and the ubiquitous high street standards you might find in any area.

What makes Altrincham so attractive is the variety of things the area has to offer. There are three stately homes in the area: Dunham Massey, Tatton and Arley Halls, which all have landscaped gardens open to the public. The Peak District and Lake District are both within a short distance by car. If those don't take your fancy, the new multi-screen cinema and ice rink at the Station Location might keep you amused instead... There are some of the best schools in Manchester around the area and residents are well served by excellent links to the major motorways and an efficient tram service into the city centre. There are also a good number of societies, from local history to astromony, which welcome new members hoping to get involved in their local community.  

The beauty of looking to buy property in Altrincham is the huge range of housing available. There are plenty of beautiful period properties, but there are also plenty of terraced houses for first time buyers on a budget. Urban Splash's nearby Budenberg HAUS Projekte has earned the prestigious developer even more praise, and plenty of other developers have followed suit with their own projects. A one-bedroom flat in Altrincham will cost around £134,000 and a four-bedroom house can be expected to cost more than half a million pounds.